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303 - Tank dimensions

Oct 15, 2019
Pearson 303 NY
Hey all, first time poster here!

My boat is stuck in VA with a filthy tank that keeps clogging up the fuel lines for the delivery guy I've used, I'm 800 miles away trying to coordinate a new tank delivered to the marina so I can come in and swap it out.
Could someone please help me with the dimensions of the 303's diesel tank? I know the capacity is an odd 20'ish gallons, but would love to get the exact WxHxL if anyone is close to their boat and don't mind the tight squeeze to measure it.
Maybe someone has replaced their tank with success, was hoping to reuse the original mounts as much as I can?

I'm thinking a hard plastic tank, same capacity and off the shelf available.


Sep 9, 2014
Pearson 39-2 New Bern
I am not familiar with the 303, but I have never met a diesel tank that could be removed without minor/major surgery. Not something you want to do away from home. I would bypass the tank and run out of 5 gal. jerry. Just keep filling up the main jerry with others as you go. Do the job properly when you get back to your home base.
Oct 15, 2019
Pearson 303 NY
A 5 gallon jug works fine as a bandaid but hoping to get something more permanent in place. Anyone near their boat that doesn't mind a quick measure with the tape measurer? Or have replaced their tank with one that required minimal surgery? Figured I'd take out the "wall" in the cockpit locker for a fairly direct access. If I can drain the tank I can also cut it up in pieces, but would of course prefer not to.


Jan 6, 2006
Beneteau 423 Mt. Sinai, NY
I had a 1986 p36-2. I know not the same boat however the Aluminum fuel tank was easily removed and in fact the company that fabricated the tank is still in business and have all the specs. I was planning on replacing my tank prior to selling and got a quote of $450.... pretty sure. Forgot name of company but pretty sure they were located in fla..... there was a paper tag still on my tank. If someone has a 303 and can take a look for you..... worth a shot.

Good luck!
Oct 15, 2019
Pearson 303 NY
For anyone coming back to this thread, I put in (with minor modifications) this Moeller tank 032623 which add 1-2 gallon of capacity. It's 24x20x14 according to its spec sheet which was 1 inch too wide so I had to remove one side of the wooden cradle but besides that it was a perfect snug fit.
Old tank came out without any hickups or issues, new one was easy to place and fix after I used an oscillating saw to cut some of the cradle out to allow for the extra width.
Moeller has a fuel sender with return line which was an easy drop in. All in all the process took me about a day, but a good chunk of that was running to west marine for parts and borrowing tools around the marina.

Ran all new lines to/from tank, but old original lines would've fit, not a bad project at all.