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23.5 battery questions

Jan 13, 2017
Hunter 23.5 Panama City, Florida
I'm currently trying to bring my 23.5 back to its original configuration and have a couple questions about the battery. First, does anyone know what the recommended battery was for this vessel. The PO (previous owner) of my boat had two huge size group 31 batteries stuffed into the right side bilge well (I believe the original location) and under the galley sink. Yes, this one was a bear to get out as it must weigh about 70 pounds. The PO did a wonderful job of securing these batteries. Unfortunately, the trays were secured with screws that were at least one and a half inches long, two of which went through the hull and another five through the ballast tank. I've since repaired the holes with some good ole 5200. Back to the original gripe er, question, Looking at the original battery support, it seems a little small, even for my planned single size group 24 battery. Could someone post a picture of this area with and without the battery installed? Does anyone know what size battery was originally recommended? Could I add a layer of epoxied wood to provide a wider (and thicker) base for the battery tray? If anyone else has made upgrades to the battery, I love to hear about it or see pictures.
Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
JL Stratton
The original battery was a single group 24 deep cycle battery and with what you described would have caused the boat to lean to one side noticeably. ANYONE CAN YOU TAKE A PHOTO AND POST WHERE THE ORIGINAL BATTERY WENT PLEASE?
As for holes in the ballast tank and hull, eventually that fix could fail. Take some photos and place them here so we can comment on the proper way to take care of that.
Jan 13, 2017
Hunter 23.5 Panama City, Florida
Thanks for the reply. I installed a single group size 24 DC battery on the right side under the settee. there is a small frame built in for the installation but it seems somewhat small and under-engineered. Long story short-it did word as I just put the screws a little closer to the middle of the battery holder frame to mitigate any screw going into/through the structure of the hull.
As for the hole repairs-they weren't leaking so I was not sure if they went all the way through or not. I cleaned the area with some acetone, let it dry well, then did my best to force some 5200 into the holes. I suppose that, if this fix fails or rots from the inside from moisture, I will have to drill the area out and create a proper plug. With my age, I may just hire a professional for that. As for now though, I normally stay within the boundaries of St. Andrew Bay, Panama City, Florida. I may attempt to sail to Port St. Joe or even Carrabelle. For the most part though, I won't ever be leaving sight of land. Nonetheless, I want things to be right. Since I've purchased this vessel, I've removed a wonderful electric winch the PO had installed and have gone back to the standard anchor. The winch was great but had no speed control and would wind up so fast that it would go taught and heat up until the circuit protection kicked in (even with my wife at the outboard.) When this happened, I was pulling up the line by hand anyway-and it was only 1/4 inch line and hard to grab hold of. Anyway, trying to keep everything simple and easy since I use the sailboat mostly as a daysailer. Of course, my grandson loves to fish and snorkel from the boat so I'll be keeping my chart plotter/depth/fish finder.


Jun 8, 2004
Hunter 23.5 Red deer, Alberta
I just have a 24 group deep cycle battery and it is underneath the bench seating on the starboard side.
the switch panel is just above that, and it is a short cable run from the battery to the outboard.

Not sure why hunter actually placed everything on starboard side, like battery, fuel, motor, and porta potty.