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2006 Hunter 25 need mast crutch or pictures ....

Mar 8, 2018
Hunter 240 none Texas Gulf Coast
My 2006 25 was missing the mast crutch (plus alot of other things...) I've found pictuers of the boat on the trailer but always with the mast up. It doesn't appear to have a "socket in the deck like my 240.." so its dimensions and method of attachment remain a bit of a mystery. Otherwise the boat is coming along nicely. Thanks again for everyones help


Jan 8, 2020
Hunter 25 Quantico, VA
Waveform, My 2007 Hunter 25 has a plate affixed to the deck attached to the mast with a pin located aft. The first pic is with the mast lowered. I bought my Hunter from a couple that bent the plate that holds the gin pole (the attached pic is with the plate removed) when they lowered the mast. I got a great deal because they thought the mast needed to be replaced. $50 part from Marlow and I was back in business. The second pic is with the mast repaired and raised.


Dec 2, 2003
Hunter 260 winnipeg, Manitoba
Assuming it’s the crutch for lowering your mast into there is an image of it in the 2009 manual. - looks to attach to the rudder bracket. unfortunately no measurements.

could it be the emergency tiller serving two functions?
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Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Contact Dave groshong at the forum store. The owner of this websit and parts owner use to be the parts mgr at Hunter