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1984 37C - Dimensioned Drawings Plans


Sep 14, 2021
Hunter 37C Hamilton
Would anyone know how to obtain a copy of the plans of the 1984 37 Cutter? I'm looking for a set that has dimensions (imperial or metric) on them. I would be willing to buy them I just haven't seen any resources as of yet.

I've followed this forum for a few years now and have huge respect for all those season Hunters that share their knowledge with the rest of the community. If anyone has any ideas I'd be very grateful.

Thank you so much!

Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Welcome to the forum!!

Curious why you want these? Never seen dimensional drawings of production sailboats......oil refineries yes. But that would very useful, especially to see how they were built and how to replace or get access to parts. Suggest consulting with ex-Hunter engineer and builder on this site for a small consulting fee. Short of that, scan the boat for internal and external dimensions and thicknesses.
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Jun 8, 2004
C&C Frigate 36 St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia
Your only hope would be if John Cherubini II (Diana of Burlington here on the forum) has a copy of his father's drawings. I know he was talking about publishing some, but I think there may be complications with the original Hunter company (now Marlow-Hunter) owning the rights...


Sep 14, 2021
Hunter 37C Hamilton
Thank you both very much, both are good suggestions and very much appreciated. Jim, I've enjoyed a lot of your Hunter 37C posts and referred to them quite often, thanks for your contributions.

Thanks again!

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Jun 5, 2010
Hunter 25 Burlington NJ
Bosh, it depends on what you need a drawing for for me to see what I have.

You will NOT find ANY factory or designer drawings specifying the length of a propshaft for a fiberglass production yacht. That just isn’t done, I’m afraid. Any slight alteration in the fiberglass layup of engine logs of location or angle or change of strut sources might alter this. The typical industry practice is for the boatbuilder to build a prototype, figure this out, buy a bunch of bronze propshafts (as they should never be stainless; but try telling anyone that - at the time your boat was built, it was bronze) and see how they work. When something happens, they cut half an inch off and keep building.

Best practice anyway would be to pull yours, measure it, and reorder, to have better threads or better taper or less corrosion. Without the presence of the original propshaft, use any other of the same diameter, or a wooden dowel if there’s one long enough, and get a good tape-measure dimension. And don’t forget to consider the taper, the threads, the keyway(s) or whatever, all of which can affect a yardstick (or drawing, or verbally reported) dimension.