1976 Santana 21ft


Nov 28, 2010
O day 25 Nyack. New York
We pulled the tub rail off. I believe it is called the run rail. I am trying to find a replacement for it. Has anyone else replaced their run rail and if so where did you get it at?
it's a " run rail"
Mar 24, 2021
Santana 21 21 cb Guaymas
I also had to take my rub rail of my Santana21. Not being able to find a replacement, I sanded mine down to fresh Rubber and faired with thickened epoxy. Then faired again and painted with exterior acrylic enamel . I used a small foam roller for texture. Not perfect but from 5 feet distance you won't see many imperfections.
I'm following your work and I think you're doing a great job on a beautiful little sailboat.
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Feb 15, 2021
Santana 21 indiana
I have spent 2 hours sanding my new paint job super smooooooth. I am impressed how hard that paint gets. I also got my primer done on the starboard side. I with sand it and it will be ready for paint.