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170 cracking AGAIN

Jan 28, 2020
Hunter 170 Perrin River off Chesapeake B
So... we have moved from NH to VA to try to stop our 170 Hull from cracking. It had some cracks when we got it (used) and my husband repaired with the plexus... beautiful job. Then, last winter in NH, stored outside, cracks came back in the same spots... My husband, begrudgingly, fixed the cracks again and we sailed her last summer in NH planning to sell her in the fall. Then instead, we moved to southern VA. So we decided to keep her for our dock : ) thinking that winters without snow (vs the 10 degrees below in NH) would mean no more cracking.

After towing her down here and having her sit for the autumn, the cracks have returned, the worst of which is the one in front of the tabernacle. Are we doing something wrong with the plexus? Does this mean we need someone to repair it with glass too this time? My husband is ready to try to get rid of her.

We also need to install a motor mount and motor for use here on the York River and Bay...
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Sep 22, 2018
Hunter 216 Kingston
This is a thread where @BobbyFunn did a massive rebuild of a 170. The initial part of the thread isn’t really applicable to your issue but the later sections go a long way in defining solid long lasting repairs to Luran based hulls.

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Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Was the boat covered with anything? Retired dealer who grew up in Tidewater and as a kid fished off the docks at Cheatem Annex and Coast Guard when allowed
Apr 16, 2017
Federation NCC-1701 Riverside
Are there pictures of the crack? A picture of the boat on the trailer would be nice. Show full side profile showing entire boat and entire trailer, bunk placement, etc. Bonus points for showing how it is tied down for trailering.