1. jdsevier

    Edson Pedestal Upgrade?

    Happy New Year All!! I have a 1983 Newport 33 with an odd style Edson pedestal. Odd being the controls are on port and starboard but they move up and down. Ive attached a picture of a similar boat with the same pedestal. I'd like to change the throttle and clutch to the standard chrome handles...
  2. SN0WD0G

    Daysailer III Cuddy door help

    Does anyone have blueprints of the Oday Daysailer III cuddy door so that I can repair/ make my own replacement cuddy door? (Also I have read that the Daysailer II also has the same size cuddy door). It would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Will Gilmore

    Artistic Flair to Companionway Hatch Boards: Very lengthy project post

    New Companionway Boards Repost from the Mariner Class Association Web site's Maintenance and Restoration forum. I just brought my new mariner home after buying her over the phone from a picture I'd snapped with my phone while driving past were she sat on the roadside two states away from...
  4. J

    Replacement parts - MacGregor26M

    Greetings All, Considering buying a MacGregor 26M. Since MacGregor is no longer in business, are there any specialized parts that might be difficult to obtain for some of the unique abilities of this boat? Such as a bilge pump, mast raising system, or other features specific to MacGregor. Thanks...
  5. T/Y Goodman

    In need of Venture / Macgregor 25 Keel Replacement

    Any one have or know where i can get a v25 swinging keel replacement? Original is completely rusted out at the pivot hole as shown in the photos. i jabbed at it with a screw driver to find all that is rusted out to consider a repair but it seems she got cancer a long time ago.. We just got...
  6. Michel G

    New trailer recomendation for Macgregor 26D

    Wondering if anyone has recommendations for a replacement trailer for the 26D for salt water use? My galvanized trailer is getting old and showing some rust. Aluminum vs. Galvanized steel, brand, pricing, ect, etc. Thanks, Michel G.
  7. K

    O'Day 272 Rudder Replacement

    Hello all, I have a 1986 272 with a tiller. My rudder is full of water so I'm looking at options and looking for feedback. I don't really have the time to cut open, refoam, and reskin the existing rudder. I wouldn't mind the project... just don't have the time. I know there are less time...