mast stepping

  1. B

    23.5 mast stepping

    I researched (ad nauseam) how to step the mast before attempting it the first time. I’m using a factory crutch attached to the stern, a gin pole, the job halyard, a block and tackle, and two stabilizing cables (one on each side of the mast). My wife and I hooked it all up and with big smiles...
  2. B

    Catalina 270

    I am making some plans for the future. This will include a Catalina 270 on a trailer I can pull behind my truck. This will be new for me, today I sail a Catalina 22. Any feedback on: Is a 270 difficult to trailer? Is the mast hard to step? Any lessons learned / thing to avoid? Any feedback...
  3. Patbrogan

    Connecting mast with CDI fuller to front of boat

    Our 26M has been with mast down for months and when we went to step it, the built in forestay won't reach to the connection. We added 2 screw lock carribiners we got at West Marine as extensions. They are rated to about 600 pounds. Not sure if the forestay is bent, or if the mast isn't all the...
  4. H

    Mast Stepping Bene 311

    I am buying a Beneteau 311 soon. Is there a mast raising system I can purchase or a design that I could make one? I am buying a lifting keel model that I can trailer.
  5. Damifudo

    Un-stepping and re-stepping a mast.

    I am running through the jobs I need to do, on the new to us Catalina 1988 Tall rig, One need is to remove the mast and do a complete check and replacement of the standing rig. I have never done this but I am a bit do it yourself person and I have access to a bucket truck from work that the...