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    Hull thickness on Hunter 34

    I am a new owner of a Hunter 34 built in 1986. I need to have an in-hull transducer mounted, but there are restrictions on the thickness of the fiberglass for this shoot-through device to function accurately. Anybody have any idea what the below-the-waterline hull thickness is? Can't seem to...
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    Strainer gasket for Perko 493/500 one and the

    I recently purchased a Hunter 34 with a Yanmar 3gm30f engine. The Perko raw water strainer is an old one. The gasket is worn out and leaking. I had rather find a new gasket than contort myself in there to replace the whole thing. Any ideas as to a source for these?
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    Recommendations on replacing roller fuller on a 1985 Hunter 34

    We own a 1985 Hunter 34, our roller fuller does not work properly and we are thinking about replacing it with a new one. Any recommendations on which brand / style works best for a Hunter 34? Have any Hunter 34 owners replaced their roller fuller? If so what brand/style did you go with ? how...