1. philiefay

    Hunter 260 Engine Mount Fiberglass Cracks

    I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to resolve the issue I am having. I have a Mercury 9.9HP mounted on the H260 mount. and noticed a hairline crack that has grown on my past 3 day trip. At one point the tilt ratchet on the outboard was not clicked in properly and once I started...
  2. philiefay

    H260 Centerboard Lift Line/ Rigging

    I recently replaced the lift line to the centerboard. I found the most difficult part of the whole process was getting the knot hidden into the recess within the centerboard. (A mallet and large punch sorted that out) On deck I am not 100% sure how the rigging is completed. In fact, I am yet to...
  3. T

    Anchor riding sail H260?

    Has anyone cooked up an anchor riding sail for the 260 or really any other boat without a backstay? BTW thanks to everyone that posts on the forums. I'm new to sailing and my H260. The knowledge shared here has been invaluable.
  4. Kivalo

    Jabsco head on 2003 H-260 joker valve

    Hi all, I have 2003 H-260 and last night the seat and lid of the head broke off. Some plastic from the hinges fell into the bowl and I picked them out. I thought I got all of them but later when I used the head it began back filling into the toilet bowl as soon as I stopped pumping/flushing. My...
  5. Kivalo

    Pop Top Enclosure

    How do you guys take up the slack in the poptop enclosure? Mine droops pretty badly.
  6. T

    H260 WB Swing Keel attachment question (Dave C?)

    I have a 1999 H260 water ballasted, swing keel; and the keel retaining bolt has corroded to the point of failure. The nut is welded to the swing keel bracket, and the mating bolt head is accessed from inside the cabin, under the table. One solution is to simply unweld the old nut from the...
  7. GL-WindPower

    Stumped on the Anchor Light - Only half lights up

    I have a 2001 Hunter H240. The Mast light is a HellaMarine Model 158. My problem is only half of my Mast Light will come on when I have the Sterm/Mast toggle switch in the Mast position. Not sure when it quit working. When I move the toggle switch to Steam the front half of the light is let...