1. N

    Hunter 28.5 Where do the sinks drain to?

    Hello everyone. I'm a new owner and new to the forum. I've got a 1987 Hunter 28.5 which I purchased a few months ago. I'm just learning the systems. I found the water fill cap. That was well hidden under the anchor, thank you designers. But the current issue is my sinks in the bath and in the...
  2. S

    1998 H410 arch drain/vent?

    I have a vent on the port side just below and behind the fiberglass arch. It is connected to a short hose that connects to the box the arch sits in. Does anyone know what this is supposed to do? Is it a vent to provide air in the arch is it a water drain? Stumped... Thanks
  3. David Kemp

    Drain holes into keel area -- needed?

    My old Hunter 23 has 6 small holes in the fiberglass under the floorboards of the cabin, and these holes allow water to flow freely between the bilge area above the keel and the cabin. There does not appear to be any other access to this bilge area. The boat is a slip, so it never has a chance...
  4. Sailor_Jeff

    Changing Scupper Hoses on 28.5

    I have leaking scuppers on my 28.5. Has anyone one ever changed the scupper hoses (cockpit drain hoses) on a hunter 28.5? Just how did you access the hose fittings? Did you install deck-plates in the rear wall? Jeff