depth sounder

  1. shank

    Knotmeter and Depth Sounder Replacements

    It was -17F here in Vermont last night so of course I'm thinking about the upcoming boating season. I have an 82 Catalina 27 with the original knotmeter and depth sounder. They both work very sporadically and I want to replace them with some instruments that are more modern and reliable. I'm...
  2. shaun12345

    Cut off instrument mounts on steering pedestal?

    I’ve got a 1980 Hunter 30 Cherubini that I’m doing a steering pedestal overhaul on. As part of this I‘ve removed the two big instrument enclosures on either side of the pedestal that housed broken LCD displays for depth and speed - I can get this info off the Garmin display that will mount on...
  3. thetone

    skimmer transducer

    Can a skimmer transducer work on a Sailboat?
  4. 1soonsailing

    Garmin sounder

    Well once again, thx for taking a moment of your time guys... Well just as the previously discussed long scratch that even been superficial took the paint of for 3 feet long and 3 inches wide, the deepth sounder also suffered damage. How they managed to so i dont know. Its as you can see sort of...
  5. Slartibartfass

    Transducer installation

    Used plumbers putty so far to put the transducer in the forward lazarette in the cabin but it gets loose over time. Epoxy any good? Thoughts....?
  6. R

    Looking for Datamarine Depth Sounder S200DL

    I am looking for a Datamarine S200DL depth sounder. LCD is going bad in current one. Let me know if you have one you are willing to sell.