1. Genesis V

    Nigel Calder: Replace Your Generator by using your main engine

    Recently I attended a information session with Nigel Calder detailing replacing your generators with new marine technology that uses your main engine instead. It totally makes sense but I think the cost at this time makes it feasible for only larger boats with high energy needs. Below is a link...
  2. T

    Alternator amperage question

    I have an 1987 Catalina 30 mk2 and have been fixing the electrical deficiencies associated with the ammeter and trailer connectors in the harness. The boat has not experienced any obvious problems but I want to be safe and proactive. First of all I changed the ammeter to a voltmeter and...
  3. Captain Larry-DH

    Delayed alternator charging

    Lately my alternator doesn’t start to charge the battery until it’s been running for 15 minutes or more. Connections are all tight and clean. It’s a Valeo 60A OEM alternator with internal regulator. Any suggestions?
  4. H

    Hunter 426 Electrical - and Alternator

    Does anyone have a electrical diagram/schematic of a 2004 Hunter 426 sailboat showing the alternator and wiring? The owners manual says "alternator charges thru the starter" but this doesn't reallyhelp much. We wanted to have a spare alternator but it appears the previous owner added a Balmar...
  5. R

    80A alternator for Yanmar 3YM in the UK

    Hi Has anyone recently purchased an 80A alternator for a Yanmar 3YM in the UK? If so where from, and are you happy with it please? Regards Rob
  6. Benny GrowSailing

    473 - Proper Alternator / regulator wiring

    All, we recently bought a used 473 (Model 2003) and are currently working on the electrical system. I was wondering if anybody could provide some insight into the intended wiring around the alternator (Engine is a PERKIS M65). The wiring has undergone quite some changes but it almost looks to...
  7. higgins

    Automac Replacement

    Hi, I searched the forum including the 101 basics about electrical topics, but I'm left with one question. After a lightning strike into the mast antenna of my Catalina 30 (1985) fried/destroyed all electronics and the some, I'm back running. The old Weems&Plath Automac's part looking like a...
  8. Ken13559

    Alternator questions

    I've Yanmar 2GM20F fitted with a 3rd party 80A alternator LR180-03B. I've never seen the charging current to my 270AH battery bank going above 25A. I might need to replace the alternator for other reason so should I go with a 35A unit instead?
  9. catawbahunter

    Battery Bank Wiring Question

    My Hunter 36 has 2 4D house batteries and a separate starting battery. The engine alternator recharges the starting battery but not the house batteries. I don't believe the starting battery was original equipment. I'm thinking that I need to wire all batteries together in series with an...