1. G

    Low idle 3gm30f

    I have gotten my new to me 3gm30f running after it sat for 15 years. All I have done is replace the primary racor filters, the secondary filter, air filter element, oil and oil filter. I am pulling fuel from a 3 gal gas temporary tank until I finish cleaning the old monel tank. With the...
  2. toliver

    rusted Yanmar 3gm30 engine mounts

    Does anyone know what the approx. cost of replacing (4) rusted Yanmar 3GM30 Engine mounts would be on a 1989 Caliber 33? There seems to be plenty of engine compartment work-room to easily access the motor mounts. Could I entertain doing this job myself? Seems a leaky companionway sliding...
  3. Steven Scott

    Hunter 33 and Yanmar 3gm30

    My boat sunk. It has been brought back to life. The existing yanmar engine and trans are toast and must be removed. Will a yanmar 3gm30 fit?