1. B

    Removing bent driveshaft strut from 1985 hunter 31

    Somehow my strut got bent, I think boatyard but no time for blame game, I just want to fix it. I got driveshaft off, and now just have to remove strut. The screws are totally wedged in, I removed bolts on inside and washers (after pic was taken), have tried wiggling screws (one is pretty...
  2. limbodog

    An introduction and a request for tips/advice/wisdom for an idiot in a 1985 40'

    Hello everyone! "The only true knowledge comes from knowing that you know nothing." - Miss Piggy First, let me introduce myself: I'm a 45 year old guy from Boston who had been kind of daydreaming about being a liveaboard for several years now. I have an uncle who did it on a 23' Sea Sprite...
  3. D

    Scupper hose diameter for 1985 Catalina 27

    Does anyone know the internal diameter (and even length if possible) of the scupper hoses used on a 1885 Catalina 27. Mine are so rotten, that they will completely disintegrate if I remove them and the boat is in the water - so I am definitely not anxious to take them off, check the internal...