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Yet another boat off the trailer thread

Discussion in 'Catalina 22' started by Grotto, May 22, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. IDtrucks


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    Got the boat up off the trailer!! Took about 6 hours yesterday to build the stands from the scrap wood I got off my buddy’s construction site, then about 4 hours today to get it up, fishing building the stands, tweak it some more, raise it up, tweak them some. More, raise them up more... but it’s done!! Total cost...$20 for 2 boxes of 4” screws.

    Lowered the front, put in the stand, then with a hilift and a jack stand for backup, we raised the front with the stand assembled around the trailer. I had to keep the bow strap on because the boat wanted to slide down the front rubber trailer pad. After the boat cleared the bunks we attached some lateral support braces and lowered the trailer a bit more out of the way.
    8E6C0DE9-E318-4AEA-BCB7-97D6A1D3B017.jpeg 031DBB3E-F0E7-440B-BF85-14CB6A68ED6D.jpeg

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  2. Grotto


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    .....Anndddd Success!!!! Thanks everyone for all the help and suggestions, now anyone wanna come over and scrape barnacles!? 9D002D10-393F-4691-9D89-874B65C0A513.jpeg 0A0B98B4-02EC-47C9-B4D1-3056E9570C58.jpeg

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