O'Day 34 Performance?

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    I realize thus is pretty much a zombie thread going back at least as far as 2004 but here goes. It is true that there were two O'Day 34 Performance boats built in the early 80's. I happened to know and race against the original owner of the second one which he named Arrhythmia in honor of his profession as a cardiac technician. He was a fellow member of the Northport Yacht Club on Long Island at the time. I will not post his name here for the sake of his privacy. He kicked ass in PHRF racing on Long Island Sound for some time. If my memory serves me right they either threatened to or did punish his success by adjusting his rating but he continued to win until he sold the boat. In my opinion O'Day missed the boat (pun intended) by not producing more of them. I own an O'Day 35 std 5"7" keel and std rig which sails well but would get creamed by the performance model every time. The legend is that there was more to the secret sauce than just a taller rig and a 7" deeper keel. Maybe someone here knows more about that.

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    Do some research on S/V Yukon Jack. Won the Marion to Bermuda race.

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    The start of the 1989 race suffered several postponements due to the lack of wind. However, once the race was underway, 163 vessels, the biggest fleet in the history of the Marion-Bermuda Race, cleared the starting line and headed for that pleasant rendezvous in Bermuda. On Monday, Warren Brown’s WAR BABY of Bermuda crossed the finish line after 72 1/2 hours at sea, breaking the previous elapsed time course record.

    Corrected time honors went to John Elliot’s 34-foot Class F sloop YUKON JACK, followed closely by BWSC Commodore Jim Hayes’ 40-foot Class E sloop SHAMBLES. Of the 145 yachts that finished the race, 45 shared in the awarding of 69 trophies at an indoor ceremony at the Princess Hotel.

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    From a technical perspective, all this usually means is that the boat sailed slightly better to it rating than expected. Or the rating used did not reflect the 'performance' of the limited model. It shared max through the water speeds and tacking angles with dozens of similar length boats of its generation. No magic here.

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