Neutral switch

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    I believe the normal path for that is from the Key switch to the NSS to the Starter Solenoid. I'm pretty sure 14g wire will do the trick but it's always best to test the circuit.

  2. All U Get

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    Amazon has the switch for $40, hmmmmmmm. Trans Atlantic Diesel has it for $26.

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    Sat. 0900... Hey, All... I see a boat headed north off the Delaware coast. Is that you?

  4. All U Get

    All U Get

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    Nope, still in the Abacos for a month.

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    Just wishful thinking on Ron's part.

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    TAD is a great company to build a relationship with. Usually a bit higher prices, but knowledgeable and quick to respond to requests for parts.

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    go to and search for your engine and tranny set u . you can s earch for free but you need to subscribe to post questions or email. this board saved me a ton of $$$ over the last 45 years.

  8. All U Get

    All U Get

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    Just an update on the switch. I did a fluid change and filled the transmission just under full on the dip stick. I was told once to check it hot just when I shut down the engine because some ATF fluids will be in the oil cooler. Thinking back to last fall, I had added an ounce because it looked less than full. Does it have to be precisely full?

    The manual says 3 quarts but I added 2.6 and the engine started without me fussing with the neutral safety switch. Would too much fluid interfere with its operation? I’ll keep track.

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    We had a problem with starting out engine during the first year after acquired the vessel back in 2003. Ended up paying something like $700 to have the starter removed, rebuilt and reinstalled. Then encountered the problem again! Finally figured out that it was the NSS which apparently is slightly out of adjustment. Jiggling the gear lever toward Forward and trying again usually gets it the first time. One of these days I will dismantle things and find how to align that NSS. Frankly, I don't know if the NSS is in the gearshift/throttle mechanism or in the Velvet Drive.

    Just for entertainment purposes, here is our gearshift/throttle:
    Engine Telegraph.jpg

    If I were honest, I would admit that THIS was the deciding factor in buying the boat!

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  10. Capt jgw

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    Or just put both wires on the same lug. Doesn't matter which one. That way you could easily put it back to stock if needed.
    Agreed, on a light boat with a big motor a neutral switch is needed to keep from throwing the operator overboard if started in gear. Totally unnecessary in a heavy sailboat.

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  11. 31seahorse


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    Hello NotCook, Impressive! I agree with your thoughts on the reason to purchase based on the gearshift/throttle. Do you also have a "tube" to talk to the crew in the engine room? Is your vessel steam powered? Best Wishes.

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