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Hunter 320 Plumbing

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by Kevy, Dec 3, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Kevy


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    Hunter 320
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    This seems simple but I'm driving myself crazy on the web.

    Our Hunter owner's manual shows plumbing laid out as being 1/2 Whale plumbing. The push fittings are marked as being 15mm (Whale fittings as well). This leads me to ask if perhaps the plumbing is 15mm, not 1/2 inch, or that it's close enough in size to not matter (i.e. the 15mm fitting fit fine on the 1/2 in plumbing).

    I'd like to know if I can just use some 1/2 inch PEX for a few changes. We're removing the HW tank due to a leak and I've bypassed the plumbing for now, but would like to make it a little neater.

    Anyone gone through this with their plumbing?

    2nd question:

    I'll be removing the coolant lines from the engine (2MG20F) and just plugging them with stainless steel pipe plugs. Anyone know the specs on those holes/threads or where to find them?


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  2. ggrizzard


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    Stainless plugs in a cast iron block? Why?

  3. Scott B

    Scott B Moderator

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    The 1/2" fittings will not work. 1/2" is 12.7 mm.

  4. Hello Below

    Hello Below

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    Second question 1st:

    First question 2nd:
    1/2" ≠ 15mm. Close but not close enough. Maybe see this thread:

    but rather than Marine Outfitters (shipping will kill you unless a big order and no PST covers the cost) see Harbour Chandler. I know they can get them in through Paynes (Whale) or Western Marine (Seatech).

  5. Kevy


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    Hunter 320
    Sea Gal CA Ladysmith
    Thanks for the replies. The parts list is helpful. I found some 15mm pipe in town so things are looking up. As for the plugs, I'm not an expert and wasn't sure if the whole engine was cast iron or maybe some aluminum in parts so I just thought SS would be a safe bet.

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