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    Hi All,
    What is the standard used on the Hunter 45 2010 for PEX? can fittings be found at home depot?

  2. Don Lucas

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    I don't know. But my 410 uses 15mm fittings and I have never seen them in home depot or lowes.

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  3. Jeff Jellick

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    I believe it is 15mm

  4. quadrille38


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    Typically 15 mm and I’ve found the metric sizes are not usually carried at hardware or home improvement stores.
    Defender carries it as I’m sure others do. Perhaps right here on SBO site.

    Some years ago I installed a water heater bypass and that came in English measurements. Defender carried the English to metric adapters I needed to make that an easy install.

  5. Terry Cox

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    Hi Boby, our 1991 P42 potable water system was built with Zern Qest PEX 1/2" material. Still available online but no big box store carries the stuff. Your boat might use a different material. Other than a broken fitting, our system has held up well. A sample product here:

  6. Hello Below

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    15mm either Whale or Sea Tech (Watts) will fit. You can pick them up at Marine Outfitters, 4033 Bath Rd, Kingston, ON, Canada

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    I glance at the Sharkbite catalog and didn't see any metric parts. The adapters mentioned previously might be an easy way to use Sharkbites. Otherwise you may have to obtain a crimp tool.
    I love PEX. All of my home remodeling is done with it. Also nice to incorporate manifolds and valves, but be sure there's no risk of trapping water that might freeze.

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    I replaced that nasty soft gray Quest mess with PEX throughout my boat acouple years ago. Shark bite fittings are a great improvement over compression fittings. Home Depot carries the Shark Bite fittings and you should be able to order anything that is available through them. Don't worry too much about matching the existing size, as long as you avoid leaks.