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C&C 25 Redline: need info on raising the mast, centerboard and rudder

Discussion in 'C&C' started by Cinq a Sept, Feb 17, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

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    C&C 25 Redline
    Ca Ottawa NSC
    Hello All,
    I co-own a C&C 25 Redline that came with a trailer. I am looking for insight, instructions, pictures, videos on the best way to step the mast when trailering.
    Also, the boat has a crack in the lower part of the center that we want to fix: I would appreciate some info on how to remove and re-install the center board. We tried with the sailboat sitting on the trailer but it is apparently impossible to slide out - any info appreciated.
    Lastly, our sailboat has a previous owner modified rudder and we are looking at going back to the original design: I am looking for a spare rudder or pictures of the rudder and attachment points.

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