c&c 25

  1. C

    C&C 25 Redline: need info on raising the mast, centerboard and rudder

    Hello All, I co-own a C&C 25 Redline that came with a trailer. I am looking for insight, instructions, pictures, videos on the best way to step the mast when trailering. Also, the boat has a crack in the lower part of the center that we want to fix: I would appreciate some info on how to remove...
  2. Dbnichols

    Shopping for boats and could use some advice.

    So, I have been shopping for a trailer boat that will be my first boat. I have taken a few lessons and done some "crewing" for local races. I want a boat that I could leave at the docks on my local lake but could also trailor it to a larger lake for a week or 2 at a time. I have 3 boats...