Zephyr owner finds board



"Maybe some owners will stumble onto the site at some point"

There were 10 Zephyrs (plan 959-A thru K) built between '61 and '63 with 2 of them being yawls (959C&D). Construction was by Halmatic with finishing by LeCompte. From the projects displayed here, the Challenger and Zephyr appear to have identical construction methods with the exception of cabin trunk and cockpit.

I've always admired the Challengers and found my boat while searching for one. If anyone is interested, I still have an old listing for the '64 Challenger "Blue Angel" along with a bad copy of Alden sales literature.

I'm the 3rd owner of "Orca" and have been upgrading her since '84 for Florida & Bahama cruising.



Jun 27, 2005

I thought I was logged in while posting the previous msg and the rejection of author/user confused me so guest/? = Orca. Sorry about the confusion.


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Jun 22, 2004
Alden 38' Challenger yawl Rockport Harbor
Thanks for the info.

Seems we need all the Alden owners of these classic plastic boats we can get. The Zephyr is a beauty that has alot of similarities to the Challenger. The double D windows are a give away and the lines overall look very similar.