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Yanmar 2GMF to 3GMD swap??

Aug 24, 2014
Aphrodite 101 148 Coeur d Alene ID
I just posted an issue I'm having with upgrading a Yanmar. I bought a rebuilt 9hp to replace a 40 year old 8 hp. It was purchased from a reputable firm. I was concerned it would not fit but was assured it would. While it would fit in the engine compartment there is no way it would work without tearing out the stringers and rebuilding them. Also, the transmission and prop shaft are off by six inches. Long story short, the engine dimensions say it should fit but the configuration on the stringers and prop shaft were the issue. I hope yours is easier.
Dec 5, 2015
Oday 272LE Louisville, KY
Thanks for the dimensions! They look extremely close surprisingly. I already planned on a rebuild of the old so worst case, I can rebuild the new if needed. I've literally rebuild 100s of gas engines, diesel is all new to me though so it will be a learning experience, luckily the father-in law is an old school diesel heavy equipment guy who's rather excited to get involved :)

Pics of the 3GM attached!!
Dude, your shop is too clean! You cannot possibly be doing any work in there!