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Yamaha 33 windows

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Jan 5, 2006
- - Sidney
Hello, Our 1982 Y33 has had her windows replaced a few years ago (before we purchased her). It was done by a local boatyard. The windows are Lexan glued in with 3M5200, no screws. The 3M5200 is starting to look a little worse for exposure to sunlight, and there's a bit of leakage in rain. One of the windows was actually coming away from the coachroof when I pulled at a corner of the window. I temporarilly glued down the corner again with 3m5200. When I did so I could see under the new windows that there are holes in the window recesses in the coachroof sides for screws to hold the windows in. I didn't realise before that the windows originally came fromt eh factory with screws in the windows, but sure enough, when I look at the brochure there are the screws. My question to the forum is can someone describe the screws and washers I should use: Length, type, guage etc. I'm guessing the screws are not recessed into the Lexan because tightening them up could crack the Lexan. I would think the screws and washers are similar to the ones that hold the wood panels in place inside the cabin above the sinks and quarter berth covering the backs of the compasses? Thanks all. Tim Y33 Miranda II
Aug 3, 2005
- - Seattle

Greetings, The screws that hold the windows in are pan head sheet metal screws with a rubber hat washer under them to mechanically isolate them from the window material. In my 30 and 37, the windows were cracked where the screws were installed, so if you don't mind a little inconvenience, you could avoid that by going without. Larry Hahn did a terrific job of setting the windows on his 33 with a combination of Sikaflex and a 3M double-sided tape, but when I tried it, I couldn't get it right. It seemed like the sikaflex shrank when it set up, and the tape wouldn't compress. I ended up with black marine silicone adhesive caulk which worked very well. Although I replaced the windows in the 37 at 20 years, the guys at the plastics place say that lexan or acrylic windows should last about 10 years. If you're in the Seattle area, you might want to have a look at Larry's 33--it's beautifully restored, and looks like it just left the factory.


Y33 windows

Thanks for the helpful reply. We're in Sidney, BC. We might get down to Seattle this spring if we're not too busy. What's the name of Mr. Hahn's Y33? We're thinking of redoing the windows with just the black adhesive again (no fasteners), and perhaps Sikaflex is the way to go. Wasn't the 3M two-way tape visible through Mr. Hahn's windows?


Larry Hahn's 33

I don't have Larry's boat name. The 3M tape was black, and so is the Sikaflex, so only very small gaps show. On his, I don't remember seeing any at all. You do have to make sure that all the air can get out when you push the window into place.
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