Window Repair Revisited

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Jun 30, 2004
Hunter 280 Lake Guntersville, AL
The sealant for the port side acrylic window on our 280 is failing and I'm beginning to plan for removing and replacing the window. I've done quite a bit of reasearch on this job; especially on this website and gathered a lot of good information. However, there are some gaps in what I've been able to learn about the job.
1) The window is ~ 6' long. How does Hunter (or those who have done the job) hold the window in place until the Dow 795 cures?
2) Must a slight gap be maintained between the window surface and the mating surface of the cabin sides? If so, how much?
3) Should the bonding surface of the new acrylic be sanded/roughened?

Thanks for your help.
Not open for further replies.