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window gaskets...?

Apr 23, 2016
Newport 28 Olympia, WA
long time lurker, first time poster. I'm in the process of trying to determine the source of my cabin window leak and think that the gaskets are a likely cause. They've shrunk and are fairly brittle. Anyone have any idea where I could find replacements for the interior and exterior for the original windows for a 81 Newport 28? thanks in advance!
May 27, 2004
Hunter 30_74-83 Ponce Inlet FL
Yes. Call the SBO store and give them as much info on the "windows" as you can. They will know where to get it (probably from them).
And welcome to the site Mowest! :biggrin:
Apr 23, 2016
Newport 28 Olympia, WA
Perfect! thanks, Ggrizzard. Got my ticket in and fingers crossed they can help me out.
Sep 11, 2017
Beneteau 373 Cape Cod
welcome mowest... good luck!
P.S. Depending on who you end up discussing this with, you might be taken a bit more seriously if you refer to your "windows" as portholes or hatches (depending on which you're referring to). I'm not trying to nit-pick your semantics, but there will be SOME occasions where using the most-precise-nautical-lingo possible will net you better results. In this case of course, I'm sure we all knew what you meant by "windows".
Nov 6, 2006
Hunter 34 Mandeville Louisiana
Welcome, mowest! Some thoughts: Are ya talking the big side windows (fixed ports) or the small opening ports? Most boats used standard items except for the fixed ports, so parts for the opening ports would be more easily found. The big fixed ports, if leaking, need to be removed and re-bedded in a good adhesive/sealant like Dow 795.. There are some great video ands articles on Maine Sail's DIY website and on YouTube ..
Post pictures if ya can so folks can see what ya need.
Again, Welcome!
Apr 23, 2016
Newport 28 Olympia, WA
Thanks, ToddS and kloudie1 for the welcome and clarification...you are correct and I'm dealing with the fixed ports, unfortunately. The SBO store did get back to me and suggested that I try CatalinaDirect as they have a similar style. As much as I'd like to just swap out the gaskets, I'm pretty sure that Kloudie is right. Re-bedding is the way to go for lots of reasons, but holy mother of everything sacred. This is gonna be a tough job. these puppies do not want to budge. After a few hours, I did manage to wrestle the interior molding off one frame. No idea why one would use that much/any for the interior molding considering it was fastened with a dozen screws. I can't tell what adhesive was used by PO, but it was used liberally. I'm worried that the frames/molding aren't going to survive. I'm going to try a dremmel scraper to break the sealant and be a gentle as I can, but am preparing myself for a complete window :) port replacement.
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Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser Portland OR, moored EVERETT WA
Welcome @mowest to the forum.
A picture of what you are facing on your Newport would be helpful.
I have windows-portals that have an external gasket. After the boat show in Seattle I found a company in BC that makes the item.
My portal

The Canadian gasket

Good luck
Jul 27, 2011
Bavaria 38E Alamitos Bay
Actually, those things on the sides are generally called portlights. Hatches are on top. I’ve re-bedded the fixed type (do not open) as well as replaced an entire opening portlight on me Pearson 30 of prior ownership. It’s not that bad once you get them out, as you have commented. But a gasket seals the contact between the glass & frame if an opening one. With re-bedding, you’re resealing the frame (+ glass) to the cabin or hull. If the former is leaking, re-bedding the frame won’t fix it. Installing a complete new portlight unit would, however. Or, replacing the actual gasket, which I’ve done on me Bavaria of present ownership. You might need to do some recutting of the hole to replace the whole unit. Proceed w/caution not to make a bigger job than required:yikes:. Welcome to the forum!
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