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Windlass problems

Dec 19, 2006
Hunter 36 Punta Gorda
I can’t find the post where some one had the windlass not working but can’t find diagram of that windlass in my records but
after checking all connections and making sure sure it is not just bad power to windlass.
What I did back a few years was drop the motor under with removing bolts making sure some might have locking ring on the bottom of shaft coming out bottom of motor mine did not and than go to top and take off all parts that has bolts or screws
and remove caption and top should lift off if not rusted or froze and lift shaft and check bearing and seal.
I did replace bearing and seal but year later water leaking down shaft so I packed where seal sits I packed super lube
with over super lube to seal out water and it also lube shaft as told to add every year.
Has been working great.