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Windlass Installation- Sabre 38 MKII

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John Lubimir

I am looking for recommendations on mounting a vertical, low profile (no capstan) windlass in or just aft of the anchor locker on my sabre 38. Any suggestions would be welcome re: exact mounting location and mounting structure required for this specific model sabre, problems encountered and issues to be aware of, brand (Lofrans, etc.) and wiring tips. I will also want to add remote switch near helm as well. Thank you.

Richard Coerse

Anchor windlass

John, I installed a low profile windlass on my S-34 MK I last year. Granted it is not the exact same boat as yours, but it might give you some ideas of how to go about the project. My installation is documented on my web site at: http://www.geocities.com/earlylight160/Windlass.html Good luck! Dick Coerse
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