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Wilcox-Crittenden Skipper problem

Jun 25, 2020
Hinckley Bermuda 40 Beaumont, Texas
Several months ago I rebuilt my Wil-Critt Skipper with the parts available at the time. I was able to find the small two-flapper valve which controls intake flush water. The shaft and levers that mount on that appear sound.
Upon completion of the re-build, I re-installed it and the toilet worked okay. However, recently the bowl continues to fill after flushing, at a rate best described as a fast drip. It will eventually fill the bowl ( about 15 minutes). In the past lifting, the foot pedal past what the spring return will do was adequate to stop the flow. But no longer. It acts like a back-siphon problem, though this has not been a problem in the past for the 25 years we’ve had this boat and it’s toilet. I’m not convinced “ siphon” would describe the situation since the through-hull fitting that supplies flush water is lower than the inlet on the bowl. Still, in that vein, would a siphon break remedy this? Or is this a result of the bronze lever inadequately pressing against the small two-flapper valve? Since the position of both the small lever and the foot lever are determined 1) tapped threads to mount the small lever and 2) a similar screw position ( I don’t recall if it’s a flat or a thread hole) for the foot lever/pedal, meaning that it doesn’t seem likely that improper re-installation of that shaft-lever-pedal assembly is the obvious problem. I realize the two-flapper valve involved may in some way be the problem, but I would expect to see a water leak around the exposed flapper valve edges if that were the case.
Any suggestions are certainly welcome.
Dec 2, 1997
- - LIttle Rock
Other Skipper owners are your only hope for Skipper expertise...All I have on it are the exploded drawing and parts list which, if you've rebuilt it, I doubt that you need, but I'll be glad to send 'em to you if you do. You're likely to have better luck finding knowledgeable owners in the plumbing forum on cruisersforum.com Cruisersforum.com Just make sure the advice you get is from real WC Skipper owners, not Thetford's Skipper II.

If you strike out there, the Groco Model K isn't identical to the Skipper but very close, is still in production and Patrick in tech support has been there long enough to know both toilets pretty well. Groco's phone number is 410-604-3800

Wish I had more help for you, but so few people have trouble with the Skipper--with any of the W-C bronze thrones--that I've never created a data base for it.