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Who sailed today?

Dec 19, 2011
Hunter 310 Lake Oolagah, Oolagah, OK
and they thought the America's Cup boats were fast

The mention of ice boats takes me back to the Decatur Yacht Club in the mid-60's and a DN 14 named the 'wildcat'. While she carried only 75 sq ft of sail, one always needs to confirm the steering gear hatch is closed and all open water is marked before blasting off on a wild ride. Pulling the windward skate up about a foot off the ice is like hitting a shot nitrous. Memories of crossing tacks at 25 + during races and maxing out about 50 + brings a smile. There are times that I think about going north for the winter's 'ice on' just to get another ride or sit in a car wishing I could do it again. But today, I am having a hard time enjoying the temp swings here on the Sea of Oolagah. No 'ice on' but still too crisp to enjoy a leisurely sail. Smart money says it is time to go visit old friends at Davis Island Yacht Club or further down the coast...
Jan 22, 2008
Macgregor 25 Dana Point CA
I didn't take any photo's but I live in Southern California, it was 79 degrees and clear New Years eve day when I went out to watch the Gray Whales, off of Dana Point. Christmas Eve day was a little cooler, low 70's and there were no whales, just hundreds of dolphins with a host of little babies less than 36" it seemed.
Sep 22, 2006
Catalina, Luger C-27, Adventure 30 Marina del Rey
Sailing On Thursday MDR to Palos Verdes. Welcome to Join.

I'll be going out of MDR on Thurs headed for day sail to Palos Verdes. If anyone wants to join you are welcome. Gray whales are migrating in record numbers this seaon through the area. Orcas have also been sighted. We need to leave early as it is a 7 hour sail and I would like to get back before sunset.
Jan 10, 2013
Hunter 34 Vancouver, BC
Weekend sail to Bowen Island

Coldest sail on record here. We went out this past weekend from Vancouver to Bowen Island. Temp was just above freezing. Check out the frost on the dock at Snug Cove
Aug 4, 2012
Al Masson 33ft steel cutter Grand Marais, MN Lake Superior
48 degrees north, harbor is frozen and Lake Superior is freezing way out there. Did see the last salty leaving yesterday hugging the shore ice on the north shore. We usually sail Sea of Cortez this time of year as well but decided to stay home this Jan. Why??! Oh well, the skiing's great with 4ft of snow!
May 5, 2013
Catalina 22 Oologah lake, Oklahoma
Re: to cold

Sampen, Good to see a fellow Okie on here! We are looking forward to Sunday. It's supposed to get up to 68 and sunny!
Apr 7, 2013
oday 25 Sugar Creek Bay, Kentucy Lake
Re: Here is a Video of Our First Sail of the New Year.

I viewed your video today, Its a pleasant 5o degrees here in West Kentucky, and I hope to get out tomorrow for a run. Really enjoyed the video as it got me itching to go out. Looked like a wonderful day for it. Keep living your dream!
Sep 22, 2006
Catalina, Luger C-27, Adventure 30 Marina del Rey
Let me know whenever you need crew. :)
IM me your cell number and I'll add it to my sailing buddies list. I only get out a couple of times a week during winter and will send out a group message when I need crew.
Feb 4, 2012
Catalina 30 Watts Bar
It was 60 degrees and winds 10- 20 today in East TN. First race of the new year unfortunately my boat is not ready and I'm feeling under the weather. Hopefully I'm ready next month and the weather is like today.