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Where's the Leak?

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Sep 12, 2011
Chrysler 21' Swing Keel Belfast, Maine
I've had my 21' "pop up" on the trailer for 2 years since I traded our 26' Ranger for it. When it rains it leaks a lot but not sure from where. I covered the forward hatch and the main entry w/a tarp this last rains storm and I still had over 10gallons of water in there. Most concerning is it is in the forward starboard locker and I can see it leaking into that space from the space just aft - a cell of built in flotation that doubles as the starbord bunk. This 'cell' extends all the way aft under the cock pit - like a 10' long, thin uncomfortable couch!! (yes, i've slept on it!).
Should i cut a round hole (5/8" ish) in the aft starbord area to drain this water to the bilge? Could it be coming from the gunwales? The previous owner hit a few things hard enough to crack the deck and also the gel coat of the hull so I thought maybe the rain was running down the rubber bumper and in between the deck and hull and ending up in that flotation area.
Appreciate any insight!


Not open for further replies.