Where can I find a copy of the current Mariner 19 Class Rules?

Jun 25, 2004
Corsair F24 Mk1 003 San Francisco Bay, CA
Could somebody please give me a link to the current Class Rules for the Mariner 19? I seem to have misplaced my copy. Thanks in advance

Judy B
Jun 2, 2004
Oday Day Sailer Wareham, MA
Well, I guess that you need to join the Association to get the Class Rules.... BUMMER! however, it is still better to get the Class Rules from the MARINER Class if that is what you have, the Mariner and Rhodes 19 are the same hull, but very different Classes.
Aug 28, 2006
Oday Mariner Waterford, CT
Mariner Class Association (MCA) dues are only $15/year and its a break even proposition if one is a BoatUS member because MCA members get a $15 discount on BoatUS memberships. Association has a very active forum, about 400 active members, and racing and cruising events. Well worth the cost of membership.

In the spirit of full disclosure I am a member and on the Association's Board.
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Jun 2, 2004
Oday Day Sailer Wareham, MA
The Mariner class dues are much lower than the Day Sailer Class (I actually knew that, and did not intend my reaction to the need to join that group to be as negative as it ended up sounding <GRIN!>) DSA dues are $37.00 I think, and unlike the MARINER Class, in the DSA if you don't race you are not really welcome.