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What would you do

Nov 1, 2017
Catalina 25 Tall Rig Watergate Marina, Kemah, TX
Thanks @Simon Sexton, there isn't much to get done, I was at the boat on Saturday, peeled back a bit of the cover, the wax job from last year still looks very good on the hull, so I am figuring a quick polishing followed by a fresh wax job and that will be done. I want to hit the below water line in a few spots, but the bottom paint looks well to, so really other than the deck, which desperately needs cleaning, buffing and wax every thing else looks pretty good. The good news is I just received a call from the cath lab and the moved the appointment up to the 15th from the 21st so, if everything checks out OK, there is a possibility of being in the water by the first week of June. Just keeping my fingers crossed that things will be as normal as all the tests have shown so far.
You're in my prayers, sir! Sounds like a nice elbow-grease project; maybe it'll count toward that exercise, haha. Summer sailing is the best; I never was a fan of the cold weather. I also bet it's even nicer on a boat as comfortable as yours; I hope to one day afford such luxury. ;)
May 23, 2004
I'm in the market as were . Colonial Beach
Look, this isn't a big deal. Just do the right things upfront to prevent it from being a big deal.

I had a heart attack at 28. I had another one 6 years later.

Mine are a minor genetic issue and no damage to the heart. Still, I am lucky because there wasn't any damage to the heart.

The end point being now that I am wiser I take care of the things I can take care of. Biggest thing is that I see a cardiologist every 6 months. So far so good. I have had two cardio caths and 2 stints. The cardio cath isn't a big deal and they have gotten very good at them. My recovery from the last heart attack was 2 weeks. Yep, the doctor told me to go back to light running after 2 weeks and slowly build back up.

We all go through periods of when we are in better shape than others. Still, this is just a wake-up call. Far better to happen when it did then when you are out on the boat and you are about ready to get smacked by heavy weather or your are in a remote anchorage.

Take care of yourself so you have many more years of boating. This is nothing to be fearful of but it is a good warning to get things taken care of before they are something major. The boat will still be there a few weeks later. If you are that desperate, get some paid help to get it ready for the season, splash it, and put it in the slip. If that isn't an option, it just isn't meant to be.

Good luck and take care!
Jun 9, 2008
- -- -Bayfield
The fact that your procedure is scheduled a bit into the future suggests that you are not in critical danger. Believe me, if they felt you were, you wouldn't have gotten out of the hospital. It's nothing to mess around with. I have customers who (he) at the age of 70+ was finishing up on a 15 year boat building process (I thought he started 15 years too late) with the dream of sailing off into the sunset on their finished 43 footer. Once in the water I was talking to his wife and she said "now that it is finally in the water, the stress is off and his heartburn went away". I said, "what? Wait a minute". "You sure it's heartburn?" I insisted that he go see a doctor and so he did and the next time I communicated with her she said in an email "thank you thank you thank you. He had blockage and now he has a stent. Angina means blockage. Depending on how much is blocked is how critical it is. Sometimes a stent (one or more) is what you need and sometimes you may need bi-pass surgery (for one vessel or many) and sometimes medication can control it. But, it has to be examined and determined as to how good or bad it is. Why not be patient? You don't want to miss one good weekend? If you die, you're going to miss many. So, find out what it is, get it fixed and enjoy life knowing all is well.
Oct 29, 2016
Hunter 41 DS Port Huron
Today I rest at home (2) days after a cardio-cath was performed on me. Right arm between the elbow and wrist are rather bruised from the procedure and I have been instructed to let the right Radial artery heal for (5) days for which they entered with a 3mm catheter. The exploratory procedure yielded the need to insert a 35 mm long stint in my left posterolateral artery which was 85% blocked. It appears by the need for a stint that there was indeed blockage which the Echo-Stress test did not show, I feel less fatigued now that is for sure. Thanks again to all for your thoughts, prayers and advice I really do appreciate you all :thumbup:
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Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
@DayDreamer41 Congrats on the successful selection of competent medical help. Prayers are that your recovery is as swift as the wind in your sails. Good wife. She knew you needed care. It is crazy how they identify such things.
Give her another big kiss. I am fairly sure you have done that already.. but another one won’t hurt.
Keep swimming..