What is the best way to sell a boat on the Interne

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Hi, What is the best way, or where are the best sites to sell a Capri 22 on the internet? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

LaDonna Bubak - Planet Catalina

Lots of ways

You can try selling it on a variety of different sites, including this one. Onlinetrader.com is probably the largest cuz it checks the databases of two other large websites to give a very long comprehensive list. I have no idea what they charge. You might try someplace more focused, like this site first. You might as well check out all the "free" sites too although I never really had much luck with them when selling a C30. You might also check out trailersailor.com as their bulletin board is extremely active & they have a boat selling area as well. You could also post a comment on cruisingworld.com's General Messages board. But definitely take a look at our Classifieds dept. Could be worth your while! LaDonna


Im looking for a Capri22

I happen to be intrested in purchasing a Capri 22, my email is ed_rasberry@excite.com send me an email if you like. Thanks. Ed

Bob Snow

Looking also

Is your boat shoal draft and where is it located?


Recommend Trailer Sailor classified board

I found my Cap 18 this past summer on the Trailer Sailor's classified ad board. Many sailors of small boats frequent that site.

Tom Peckham

Is your boat sold?

I am looking for a Capri 22 with a wing keel. Is you boat sold? Where are you located? tpeckham@avfx.com
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