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Whale Supersub automatic bilge pump?

Apr 28, 2005
Oday 302 Lake Perry, KS
Anyone have any experience with this automatic bilge pump? Looks like a good option for the bilge in my O'Day 302?
Have a manual Rule pump now - looking for something that is automatic so I don't have to keep returning to the boat to check the bilge after the monstrous rains we've been getting this summer. Thx. in advance.
May 24, 2004
CC 30 South Florida
Check the reviews in Amazon 3 stars out of 5 on 29 reviews. Check the size of your discharge hose. If your Rule pump is still good consider just adding a float switch.
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
You can:

1. Convert a non-automatic bilge pump to automatic operation by connecting the pump to a separate float switch. These switches consist of a hinged float that completes a circuit to energize the pump when the bilge water rises.
2. Or replace pump with an automatic bilge pump with a built-in or external float or electronic-water-sensing bilge pump switch.