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Welcome to the Telstar Forum

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Oct 22, 2008
- Telstar 28 Buzzards Bay
I asked the moderators to create this forum for people interested in finding out more about the Telstar 28 folding sport trimaran. It is a relatively new design, having been introduced in late 2003.

I bought my boat in November of 2005, but it actually wasn't built until April of 2006, since the manufacturer had modified the production line to incorporate some suggestions I had made, and they weren't available in the line until then.

A little information about the Telstar 28:

The boat has an LOA 27' 6", which does not change when the amas are folded. The beam is 18' with the amas open, 8' 6" when folded. The draft is 15" board up, and 4' 3" or 5' depending on the model. The later models have a slightly longer centerboard. The standard mast is 35' 6", but they've occasionally offered a tall rig version which I believe is 37' 6". The cabin has about 6' of headroom through out most of it, with a bit less in the head.

The hull numbering on the Telstar 28 started with Hull 301, which was the first prototype. There were two previous Telstar models made, the Telstar 26, which was also a trailerable trimaran, and the Telstar 35, which was a much larger, cruising design. About 300 of the two previous models were built, which is why the numbering on the Telstar 28 started at 301.

The boats are made by Performance Cruising, Inc., out of Annapolis, Maryland. They also build a small cruising catamaran, the Gemini 105 Mc. They've been in business about 28 years. The designer of both boats, Tony Smith, owns the company.

The closest competitor for the Telstar 28 is probably the Corsair 31, by Corsair Marine of Chula Vista, California. Another boat that could be considered a competitor is the Quorning Dragonfly 920. Quornings are the most expensive of the three and not really in the same category as the Telstar or Corsair in my opinion.

The reason I say that the Corsair 31, and not the Corsair 28, is the closest competitor is that the Corsair 28 is really designed for racing, and lacks many of the features of the Telstar 28 like: a full galley—usually having only a camping stove; a full head with holding tank—usually only having a porta-pottie; and standing headroom in the cabin—which is less than 5' 2" in height on the Corsair 28. The cabin on the Telstar 28 is almost the size of that on the Corsair 31, and the features are pretty comparable.

If you have any questions about the Telstar 28, let me know, and I'll answer them as best I can.
Not open for further replies.