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Wednesday is Cruising Photo Day - 2020!


Feb 11, 2017
Islander Freeport 36 Ottawa
We had the Commodore's Sail Past much later than normal this year, but that's better than cancelling all together. Light winds so it was more of a motor-sail past but still a fairly good turnout.


Alden Forum Moderator
Jun 22, 2004
Alden 38' Challenger yawl Rockport Harbor
I've had a mooring in this spot for over 20 years, yet I just spent my first night on board.

With a harbor shaped like a funnel and a fetch that is open to South Africa, I picked my weather: North 10-15 knots. We're usually leaving or arriving mid-day.

I saw a new world on Saturday night. A few fishing boats go back out at night, which surprised me.

Brenda Lee.jpg

These are strange times. A boat that fled from way down south came through. Most transients - by water or road - leave our coast right after Labor Day.

This year, by the looks of visiters from away in our area, hardly anyone has left, yet.


I spied a boat sailing off the docks headed out. A real sailor I thought as I recognized the boat. :)

NAMO sailing off the docks.jpg

Our son on the $1 boat. He moved back just after his office in Boston went remote back in March. He was headed across the bay to meet up with a friend on his 25'er, that cost a few more dollars. These kids grew up here and, well, they own the place. I remember that feeling.

NAMO sailing off the docks 3.jpg

He's still working remotely but plans to stay in the area and make a go of it. Our daughter, living and working in NYC for nearly 10 years, is doing the same and moving back next week.

As I expected, things started to quiet down around dusk. A nearby loon was having dinner. I was surprised to see dinner was a one pound lobster, which he ate whole - shell and all - tail first.

Loon eating lobster_.jpg

A friend sailed in while I was cooking in the galley. Did you know Able Yachts built an Able 34' (I didn't)? It's a Chuck Paine design.

Brendan coming in._.jpg

I picked the right weather. It was flat as a millpond all night. Of course with a North wind, the temperature on the coast can plummet. Once the fire went out, it took 3 blankets to get to sleep. Well worth it.

Birch in the fireplace and a good book._.jpg


Jun 9, 2020
Macgregor 26D Brookings
We had the Commodore's Sail Past much later than normal this year, but that's better than cancelling all together. Light winds so it was more of a motor-sail past but still a fairly good turnout.
View attachment 185161
That pic is exactly what non-sailors imagine! Beautiful, calm, and no heeling!


Feb 11, 2017
Islander Freeport 36 Ottawa
Just love evenings like that once the hook is down.....not so much if I’m trying to go somewhere!
We had a great evening discussing politics on the water :yikes:
It was supposed to be a race night but we made the call on shore to leave my buddy's Viking 28 we race on Tuesdays in the harbour tonight and take my boat out for a sunset cruise. The decision was made based on the beer in the fridge.
Nov 21, 2007
Beneteau Oceanis 34 Tacoma, WA
So, a little delay in getting these up, but about a week and a half ago;

Our arrival at Echo Bay, Sucia Island, WA. This isn't too bad, not the best vis this morning, but optimistic as we arrived.
Sucia - 1.jpeg

Two days later... smoke, smoke, and more smoke... at least we took the kayaks out to explore a little, air quality advisory or not.
Sucia - 3.jpeg

Smoke, fog, and challenging visibility for nearly a week from the time that it started.
Sucia - 4.jpeg


Jan 22, 2008
Tartan 37 Pensacola Shipyard, FL
I saw the Nina last weekend in Pensacola. Not how you want to see her, tho.

She's not holed and the crew is in good spirits, especially after we brought them pizzas and beer.
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Jun 8, 2020
Hunter 34 White Portland, OR
so nice to see pictures of home! use to live in Searsport before moving to Oregon. what part of the Bay are the pictures from?


Alden Forum Moderator
Jun 22, 2004
Alden 38' Challenger yawl Rockport Harbor
On the water in October is a feast for the eyes.

The sun goes low early revealing a surreal light that has you running for a camera.

Even after you think the show is over, October has you reaching for your phone.

Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
Tom. Share you got the camera in time and did not stumble rushing out of the companion way.
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Feb 11, 2017
Islander Freeport 36 Ottawa
Since this is "cruising photo day" and a big part of cruising is working on boats, here is my contribution. Changing the oil today, getting ready to haul out Wednesday.
Nov 30, 2015
Hunter 1978 H30 Cherubini, Treman Marina, Ithaca, NY
I’ve rarely met an individual that has the competence and composure to be an incredible skipper, but I have to share a story about true integrity. My Pal on Cayuga Lake bought and commissioned, what I believe to be, the largest sailboat on Cayuga. It’s a Tartan 41, that he had shipped overland from Sandusky, Ohio to Ithaca, NY. It took over 5 weeks, from the time of purchase, to get it splashed and have the mast stepped. Power lines in the south end of the lake where the obstacle resides, since his mast is 60+ ft tall. After contracting with an industrial crane company, the weather and location for stepping were his biggest delays. Couldn’t launch from the south channel, where most sailboats are splashed.


I’ve known @Mohawk Jack for a couple years now, since we both have Hunter 30’s, of the same Cherubini design (1978-1979) and share similar pier end slips in the Treman Marina.

I was simply asked as a friend to help with the running rigging. I had no idea if we would be successful in one day, as I surveyed the deck, to figure out the multiple halyards, blocks, cleats, fairleads, cam cleats, whisker poles, spinaker attachments, Etc. Jack just wanted to get his new boat out in the decent wind that day. Well, we had to winch Jack up the mast to reroute a few lines that were trapped between spreader, shrouds and front stay, ignored by the crane.stepping crew, but no big deal. After several hours we at least had the basic running rigging established and logically placed. This was a major team event with various opinions offered.

As it turns out our assumptions and line placements worked out. Here’s the result on Cayuga during a 3 hour outing with Jack and his wife In 15 Kts of wind.