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Water coming in at hatch

Jun 5, 2004
Catalina 30 Rochester, NY
We have had big rain lately and water is accumulating in the channel where the sliding hatch over the companionway goes under the fixed part of the hatch. When I open the sliding hatch, water comes pouring into the cabin from above where the slider comes out from over the coach roof, beneath the fixed part of the hatch. The slider is actually pulling water that has collected between the coach roof and fixed part of the hatch out. My boat is a 1987 MkII. Friends with MKI have visible drains at the forward end of the channel that allows water to drain. I don’t have that drain. I only have a drain at the aft end, near the winches. The issue is that the channel actually slopes up here.

Now, water does seep out through at the forward corner, but the fixed part of the hatch is caulked at the forward end, if not by factory then by a previous owner. Is it possible there was a drain that has been sealed? I know the MkI is different. Would love to hear if any MkII owners have this problem.

BTW- I have learned that if the sliding hatch, when closed, rests on the hatch boards and is pitched forward, the problem is worse. Even when it sits correctly, I still get some accumulation.

Nov 7, 2011
Catalina 30 Mk II Barnegat, NJ
When/After a rain I have to open my slider slowly or I have the same problem.
I haven't looked for a drain or even why it happens.
The forward edge of the fixed portion is caulked on my boat.
Jun 27, 2019
catalina catalina 30 miss melody burlington vermont
Hi all. I have the same problem as gfroch. I took ownership of a Catalina 30 hull #5005 on May 29 this spring. There do not appear to have been any factory drain holes on the forward end of the companionway hatch boards. Water is trapped there, after a good rain or a wash down, and it is captured, until you close the hatch or open, and if you do so rather quickly, the water comes aft and up and over and into the companionway and onto the settee below the hatch.

If anyone has resolved this by successful drilling and creating drains in outboard side and forward end of the hatch boards, I would love to hear that, and possibly get the info on exact position that you drilled for success!