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Want to buy Yamaha 25 or 26 maybe 30

Jan 30, 2020
WTB WTB Columbia gorge/hood canal

I'm in the market for a boat to keep on Hood Canal and explore Puget Sound cruising grounds with. This would be my first keelboat but I've owned numerous sailing dinghys and RIBs. If I can find a suitable Yamaha I think it could be a good fit for my needs. I grew up racing opti/laser/420/ and crewing a bit on J24 fleet. I've been cruising with my brother on his Pearson 30 and now I've got the bug and really want to explore our NW waters more. I've got good mechanical skills/tools/shop but I'm more interested in going sailing than bringing a neglected boat back to life.

So.... Sell me your boat! I'll treat her right and sail her often. Ideally I'd like to find a boat that either comes with a trailer or is located somewhere on puget sound. For the right price I'm willing to go farther afield/problem solve relocation.
Cheers! (503)758-9277 casey.tane@gmail.com


Apr 8, 2018
Hunter 33 Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island
I just sent you an email Casey regarding our Yamaha 30 that currently for sale in BC.
Jan 30, 2020
WTB WTB Columbia gorge/hood canal
SO forum in action! thanks, Great looking boat. Ideally I'm still looking for a 25 or 26 as well as a lower price tag.