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Walker Bay Dingy WB10 parts question....


May 6, 2021
Walker Bay WB 10 American Falls Reservoir
Question to the Walker Bay dingy owners...I am assembling a Walker Bay dingy (WB10) from parts....but I can't discern what fasteners hold the upper and lower seat halves together and it doesn't show them in the bill of materials of parts in the manual. You must use some type of fastener to connect the upper and lower (top and bottom) seat halves together before mounting them in the boat... Can any Walker Bay dingy owners tell me what type of screw or connector connects the two seat halves together ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Aug 18, 2015
West Marine Kayak Tampa Bay
I 'm copying my post from the other thread:

I'm also working from memory, and we had the 8-ft version, but along the gunwhales the bolts went through the seats and the gunwhales and into nuts that were sized for the formed holes in the underside of the rail. So the only tool you needed was the wrench or socket on the top (bolt head) side - the nuts were captive in their shaped holes.

As to the seats themselves, I remember a lot of bolts around the perimeter of each seat, again with nuts held motionless in formed holes in the plastic. With all the bolts removed, the upper and lower halves of the seats (which sort of snap together) could be separated using a flat blade screwdriver. Inside was styrofoam flotation, which degrades with heat. I had to take mine completely apart to get rid of a massive ant infestation inside the seats. If you encounter this, do the work on a dock, over the water, with a hose to blast everything clean. The tarpon will love you, but you have to be careful not to drop any nuts or bolts.

ETA: I found the folks at inflatableboatparts.com really helpful. They are a division of BIxler Marine. I bought a new sail from them, and a drain plug kit, as our copy of the WB8 didn't have a drain. Give them a call if you need additional parts, or advice.