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V-bert supports needed for strength?


Sep 12, 2019
Catalina, Hobbie 22, 16 Windycrest
Does the plastic laminated wood between the v-berth and the main cabin act as structural support for the boat? If they are required can I remove one while my boat sits in a slip, one at at time to replace with a laminated plywood, probably would be missing for a week.

It would look good if I took it out, more open/modern sort of thing.


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Sep 6, 2010
Catalina, Melges, Schock 28TR, 22, 23 Smithville
GTG, my thoughts are that the boat is better supported in the water than on a trailer or cradle as is evidenced by the boat doors not working as well when out of the water. The structural support on those would seem minor and if they are bat the hull has already moved a minimal amount. I would recommend taking the mast down to undo that pressure and then I don't think it would matter in removing one or both. If the standing rigging is under tension the compression would be more pronounced.
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