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Using the Lewmar V700 .........................

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Jan 4, 2006
Hunter 310 West Vancouver, B.C.
I said I'd never do it but I'm looking at installing a windlass. Too many miles of running and I've now got some young neurosurgeon telling me I've got a few compressed disks and if I know what's good for me, I'll watch my back. Aw, crap :cussing:. Hauling up the anchor by hand is one of the very few pleasures I've got left.

With my current tackle:

Anchor - 33 lbs.

Chain - 50 lbs.

Rope - 5 lbs soaking wet.

I've got Lewmar telling me that the V700 is a tad on the light side and I should go to a V1 (at double the price). According to their literature, yes it's a little light but I intend to continue to use good retrieval procedures as I always have before (by hand) which won't put an undue strain on the windlass motor.

Has anyone had a problem with the Lewmar V700 breaking down when used in a "responsible" fashion ?



Feb 14, 2005
Tayana 37 cutter; I20/M20 SCOWS Worton Creek, MD
I've been successfully using a V700 on my 24,000lb. 'crab crusher' for over 10 years. My anchor(s) are all in the 44 to 55 pound range, and I use 200 ft. of 5/16" chain with 200+ ft of 'rope' backup.

I always use a chain hook and snubber-bridle to lessen direct 'shock loads' to the windlass. I never use the windlass to 'break out' the anchor. I always use the engine to 'break out' the anchor although it sometimes requires use of the bridle so I dont directly load up the windlass when breaking out the anchor.
I prefer the V700 because of its SMALL on-deck geometry ... less mass to trip over and less weight in the bow.

The 'secret' of selecting a windlass is to 'size' the windlass so that you never exceed ONE THIRD of the windlass' power rating (lifting power in pounds). Use a chainhook and 'snubber', etc. so that the windlass is never 'overstrained'. Your windlass should be sized so that the combined maximum weight of the chain/rode/anchor is able to 'lift' THREE TIMES (or more) that combined weight/mass to be lifted from the bottom. Dont use the windlass' power to 'break out' the anchor from the bottom, use your engine, and if needed use a chainhook/snubber when 'breaking the anchor free'.

The only 'hokey' feature of the V700 is the manual retrieve using a winch handle - complicated and confusing 'clattertrap'. Knock on wood, Ive never had to do a 'manual retrieve' on the V700.
Jan 4, 2006
Hunter 310 West Vancouver, B.C.
Thanks for the comments, Rich.

As I suspected, if treated in a reasonable manner, the V700 should be able to handle my gear (as it does yours) without any problems.
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