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US Coast Guard ATON Survey

May 7, 2011
C - 30 # 3573 Lake NormanNC formerly Bflo NY
The Coast Guard is soliciting PUBLIC INPUT until Nov. 1st on AIDS to NAVIGATION located in less than 12 feet of water.

It could be a prelude to trying to discontinue them.
As many people as possible should take the survey – it only takes a few minutes – and will help to indicate how important the ATONS are –

The survey is at Shallow Draft Waterways Analysis and Management System (WAMS) Study

The survey ends NOV 1st so please pass this survey on to as many fellow boating enthusiasts as you can ASAP.
Sep 23, 2009
O'Day 34-At Last Rock Hall, Md
Added my two cents they should keep crab traps and trot lines out of channels and light all fish traps. A guy can dream.
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