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Update on my 170

Sep 5, 2018
Hunter 170 Northfield, NJ
I got my family into a local Yacht Club and have been very happy.

Their focus is on sailing and I have my 2 boys (10 and 15) in the youth sailing program. I bought a Sunfish ( a steal at $50 with a dolly and all in great shape) for my 15 year old. Still looking for a reasonable deal on an Opti, why are they all over $1000.

I have been able to get out some on the 170 and I need a lot more practice. The whole proper hand, line, tiller and turn while looking forward does not go so smooth.
Last night a storm came through and somehow lifted the boat and flipped it one its side with the trailer. Mast was in the road. Club members local to the club righted it before I could get there. To my surprise there was no damage aside from some scratches.

I have been using the Sunfish some. That is a fun little boat. Today I spent like 2 hours (probably 1.5 hours) practicing my tacks. While my youngest was tacking and gybing the Opti on their little course. Having the sunfish on a dolly and a quick ramp is real nice. Part of me is thinking sell the 170 and get some more sunfish.

Sunday should be nice so I hope to get out and sail the 170 more. Monday my wife is getting a lesson on how to sail the Sunfish, that should be interesting.
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Apr 16, 2017
Federation NCC-1701 Riverside
Nice update! Keep getting out there.

Need more info as it's full on summer here so the sailing is terrible. Our big sails are ghosting to the sandbar, practicing anchoring, and sailing in 1 foot of water. Soaking on the sandbar, waiting for the rain.

Those opti sailors are ruthless. Ive seen them on 20mph+ days out there with ribs chasing them down. Embarrassing to call it quits when they are out in the bay still. Its going to be confidence booster for your boys.

Lasers might be interesting for you. On days i singlehand with main only, the predators of the club in Laser sailboats prey on me as would a pack of feral dogs spooking a cat.
Apr 11, 2020
Hunter 170 Grapevine
I grew up in Corpus Christi, sailing a Seahorse (like a Sunfish), a Columbia 22, and a Ranger 26. My father was an avid sailor and passed his love of sailing along to me.

After college I focused on career and family, and did not go back to boating for a long time, and that was motor boats. With Covid wrecking my music hobby (2 gigging bands with nowhere to play), I finally decided the time had come to try sailing again.

I lucked into a Hunter 170, and have become almost fanatical in my desire to work on the boat, sail, repeat.

It's wonderful that your family is into sailing. My wife enjoys it, but my son, not so much.

Everyone finds their own "happy place" when it comes to boating. I am really enjoying the process of learning how the 170 "ticks". When to reef, how to jibe, modifications that make sailing easier, learning how far the boat will heel without capsizing. It's a boat that is demanding and forgiving all at the same time. Or maybe that's true of any skiff once you get it out in the wind.

I say keep the 170. While it's no yacht, it is in a different class than a Sunfish when it comes to capacity and comfort. You can take a group of up to six people out on the 170 with room for a picnic basket and cooler and make a day of it. Couldn't see doing that with a Sunfish.