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Unknown Sailboat Type


Mar 23, 2017
Belliure 41 Snug Harbor, Lake Champlain
I think that boat may well predate the HIN requirement. I going to guess you won't find one.

I'd look at where the hardware was located and simply build what's needed to sail that boat. You can get used equipment off older abandoned boats that litter the back alleys of boat yards. Find a decent marina that has a graveyard, talk to them and see if you can buy the hardware a off one of them. Should be cheap enough and not difficult to out together. Looks like probably a cat rig. Those are darned simple to rig....

Just my 2 cents worth - well, not worth even that much probably!

Sep 9, 2020
unknown 17' Alouette Lake
You sure it ever had any? My 20 footer doesn't have (or need in my admittedly ignorant estimation) winches.
Thanks , that may very well be the case. We received the boat in two parts, boat and mast then the boom and sail, so before I could assemble everything, my son in law had a party up on our farm and to keep the 3 kids entertained while the adults partied he told then to remove everything from the boat, rigging , cleats, and cut/remove all the wiring. So I have a blank canvas so to speak. Due to the smoke that has come up from the US breathing outside is difficult. I did manage to very carefully inspect the transom and I couldn't see anything as for as a HIN.
I thank everyone for their great suggestions.
If I find anything about the boat in the future Ill post it .
I am hoping to restore the boat to its original colours, White hull< Blue Deck.