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Universal M-18 Starting

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Arthur Herrick

My m18 used to take 10 seconds of glowing to start cold, and would restart without glowing when being restarted after a 2-3 hour sail. As the boat was 15 years old when I got it, I decided to have the injectors checked by the Universal distributor, Hansen's Marine, in Marblehead, MA. Since then, it has to be glowed for 15 sec. to start cold, and 3-4 sec. after sailing. This sounds like things are worse. The owner's manual says that the engine needs 30 seconds cold, assuming spring/summer temps. Any thoughts?

Gordon Torresen

Universal starting

Hansen has an excellent reputation. If they used the right spec sheet, your injectors are probably proper. I'd start by looking in the area just worked on. Did a wire get knocked off one of the glow plugs? Did a glow plug coincidentally fail? Is there a component in the glow plug circuitry that could have a resistance change because of movement, or perhaps a humidity change? You should be able to get back to where you were, but 15 seconds isn't too bad.
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