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Ugly bulkhead covering replacement


May 1, 2010
O;Day 25 Outer Banks
The ugly yellow bulkhead covering in my O'Day 25 needs to be replaced-throughout the cabin. The OEM looks like a vinyl with a sponge-type backing, I think to smooth the covering. The current covering is cracked, stained and just plain ugly. Any one replace this type of bulkhead and how did you do it and what did you use? Thanks.


Jan 22, 2008
Hunter 37-cutter Richmond CA
In the VEE berth we used outdoor carpeting that has been great for 18 years now

In the cabin the finish on the bulk heads had been wrecked by a previous owner so we just smoothed it and painted.
Sep 25, 2019
when I re-did my PY 23, I used a material called " hull liner " from DLTcorporation. Looked great, cut down on hull noise...
my 2 cents worth
Mar 2, 2019
Oday 25 Enigma Milwaukee
The yellow burlap was ugly and one of the first things I tore out of our 25. A plastic ice scraper and a shop vac that sat outside made very short work of the old dried glue . We in stalled a very light blue short nap outdoor carpet . We used a water based adhesive . No fumes at all. 15 years later it still looks great. As we normally sail Lake Michigan exclusively we noticed the boat is much warmer for sleeping and somewhat quieter . Great ,simple upgrade for minimal cost and effort
Mar 17, 2020
O'Day 25 Outer Banks NC
Thanks for the info. Jonb, sounds a little labor intensive--really looking for the easy way out! Chasfrank, how did you apply the hull liner. The web leads me to believe their spray adhesive, which I don't have the capability of applying, is necessary to install the liner. Timm R., anything special we need to know about the water based adhesive? Did you make it or buy it?
Mar 2, 2019
Oday 25 Enigma Milwaukee
Macs' Delight . I bought it at the big box home improvement store . The adhesive brand I don't remember . Cut all your peices and trial fit them before you even open the adhesive . I found it very helpful to know ahead of time where I might have overlap and was able to account for it . I'd post some photos but the old girl is still shrink wrapped .
You got this ! You'll really like the differance ..