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Tuning shrouds on a 1978 Bristol 24' Corsair sailoat

May 28, 2015
Bristol 24 Boston, MA
Hey guys and gals!

Any suggestions when tensioning the shrouds on a 1978 Bristol 24' Corsair sailboat, what the upper and lowers should be for a stong rig?

Capt. Mark!
Jul 5, 2007
Kenner Privateer 26 schooner, Carlyle Illinois
B24 rig

I don't use a gage on my 1976 Bristol 24 rig. I get the stick standing straight up, side to side. I allow about 1 degree forward lean on the mast, to lessen weather helm. With a new main, I set up with no lean.

The uppers should be hand tight, then a little more with a wrench. I leave the lowers hand tight. If the lee shrouds are too loose when sailing in heavier wind; I give each turnbuckle an extra turn, until there is just a slight slack when beating unto a stiff wind. All this assumes your mast step and support are good.

Properly set up, you should be able to beat upwind with a 150 genoa, and have almost no helm pressure, even with the rail down.