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Trim over Hull and Deck Space

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Barry Tonge

I recently purchased a 1987 Macgregor 26D which needs some work. There is a rubber trim that runs around the boat I am assuming covers the Hull and Deck seam. If one wants to ensure there is no leaks can you take this trim off and inspect/reseal under the trim and then replace the trim. Also - what is the nautical name of this trim ? Is it adivseable to remove and check /re-do sealing then replace this trim or just place sealer on each side of the trim. Thanks in advance for your help.
Feb 16, 2007
Macgregor 25 Lake St. Clair
Rub Rail...

...or rubrail is the nautical term. The rubrail itself doesn't need sealing. The only seal is between the deck and hull and shouldn't need a lot of maintenance. Only if you can confirm a suspected leak between the hull and deck, would you need to do any thing with it. If a leak is suspected, run water from a hose along the rail to confirm.
Aug 27, 2006
C&C 29 MK-1 Mandeville (Lake Pontchartrain), LA
Replacement Rubrail

Barry, This past winter I replaced my rubrail because it was worn and damaged and it was surprisingly easy and affordable. I bought the rubrail (50ft long) from Blue Water Yachts for $1/ft. I removed the old, re-chaulked the deck/hull seam and re-attached the new one. It looks great. Kevin B.
Apr 15, 2007
Catalina 27 Tall Rig Lake Wabamum, AB, Canada

Dear Kevin / Capt. H20, Thanks for the helpful advice. The rub-rail itself is in good shape. I noticed that a previous owner (there were two) had attempted to seal around the rub-rail and the hull as there is some clear space. Not sure if there is a leak or if it is a case of someone assuming there needed to be a seal around the rub-rail. First step will be to get the hose out and test. Kevin - you indicated it was easy to remove and replace. Is the rub-rail affixed with a glue and you haul it off or is it attached by some other means. ...getting quicky up to speed ! Cheers, Barry
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